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  Demeter DMI, there's Hangzhou Di US Building Materials Co., Ltd., Shandong Di US Building Materials Co., Ltd. Hangzhou Di Matson Export Co., Ltd. in Hangzhou, and Shandong respectively, with factories and offices, the company is a collection of various materials finished gutters joint-stock company R & D series, Yula water pipes series house integrated systems, production, sale, installation as one of the enterprises, is an independent legal personality, the company has a number of outstanding technical and management personnel, and innovative marketing ideas, and more sound service system, to ensure that the social effects and effectiveness of the company's continuous improvement. The company has four US imported equipment, the most advanced more than 20 production lines, all kinds of imports, domestic die more than 200 sets of annual output of 30,000 tons, with independent research and development centers and metal, plastic building materials testing center. It is the largest of metal, resin and PVC, one of the water system materials manufacturers.

  Companies respond to the State Council on a comprehensive five-year plan to promote energy-saving emission reduction targets, a call to accelerate the construction of resource-saving and environment-friendly society, we are committed to a low-carbon environmentally friendly building materials, and to create green and healthy living environment for the mission.

  Corporate Vision:

  Adhere to rely on the domestic market, and strive to expand foreign markets, in foreign countries enjoy the same recognition and reputation.

  Corporate Philosophy:

  Demeter DMI insist on only the water system, it will use a more professional attitude towards business customers.




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